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About The Laughing Forest

Who are we?

We are a family owned farm located at the foot of the cascade mountains working towards our organic certification. Inspired by permaculture principles, we practice sustainable and biodiverse farming methods to grow our edible flowers and herbs.

What do we do?

Taken by the beauty and flavor of the edible flowers and herbs that we grow, we’ve created a line of artisanal lollipops that incorporate our flowers and herbs into unique gourmet flavor combinations. 

What makes us different?

We focus on sourcing ingredients that we don’t grow ourselves from local farms, apiaries, and businesses. 

· Meet Our Team ·

Samantha Loomis 
Co-owner and Co-founder

Carroll Hunter
Co-owner and Co-founder

Wolfy Fiorini
Head of Business Affairs

Our Story

When I was younger, I had the opportunity to work at a family friend’s 5 star restaurant in my hometown of Cape May, New Jersey.The presentation of their food utilizing edible flowers and herbs was so beautiful I thought each plate looked like a work of art. I visited the farm that grew the edible flowers and herbs that the restaurant used, and the beauty of flowers and herbs growing en masse was amazing.

A few years ago, with a growing interest in permaculture and sustainable growing practices we invested in some land and I started growing edible flowers, herbs and heirloom veggies. A fascination with the beauty of flowers led to a desire to use them not only to enhance the beauty of a fresh dish but to preserve them and create longer lasting items that I could share with family and friends. Candy is the perfect medium to infuse with flavor and decorate with flowers and herbs!

My son Carroll and I have worked together over the past year to turn this soul satisfying hobby into a business. Our little farm and nursery has sold fresh edible flowers and herbs at The Corvallis Farmers Market while our artisanal candy booth has sold lollipops and other handmade candy at The Artisans Faire in Corvallis OR and on etsy.

Thanks for visiting!

Samantha Loomis, Co-owner